Friday, 6 September 2013

Experience the Zing and Flash of Sapporo

Hokkaido’s biggest city as well as its capital, Sapporo is counted among the prettiest and newest conurbations of Japan. Since it is not an old urban, particularly from the standards of the country, this city boasts a little as far as traditional architecture is concerned. Nevertheless, it really seldom matters, as Sapporo is blessed with beautiful open avenues full of trees accompanied by delicate flowers during summers and brilliant snow for the period of winters. What is more, the riveting hotspot is awash with myriads of charismatic and fabulous tourist lures which are a magnet for backpackers and excursionists and invite them from all nooks and corners of the globe. From this perspective, let’s check out sundry fascinating and much-admired pulls in the city…

Clock Tower or Tokeidai
It is a tremendous and celebrated edifice and at the present time, has turned out to be the city’s symbol largely in view of the fact that it’s Sapporo’s oldest structure which is even now lasting. Built during 1870s, Tokeidai’s inside is a bit evocative of or reflects its antiquity. Due to several reasons, Japanese holidaymakers hailing this city regard Clock Tower as more or less a Mecca and according to them, your tour in this part of the sphere will certainly not accomplish in the real sense without clicking a photograph in this dramatic building.

Ishiya Chocolate Factory
This is a prime and highly acclaimed place to visit on your tour to Sapporo. Catch sight of an authentic chocolate making floor as well as toy museum. Furthermore, this factory is also dotted with a couple of nice eateries, fine souvenir shop in addition to a delightful robot show. Ishiya Chocolate Factory is quite renowned on account of the white chocolate it produces. Besides, it features an impressive cake buffet at an eatery that is quite pleasurable and will add some zest to your vacations; however, be watchful to make reservations beforehand. 

Hokkaido Pioneer Village
It is an enormous historic village positioned in Sapporo’s outskirts and rewards holidaymakers an imposing portrait of the country as during the current avant-garde and technologically advanced era. Make your way to the front gate that will take you through sundry alleyways together with edifices reflecting the pre-twentieth century design and style. What is more, here vacationers can also avail an eye-catching view of diverse remarkable shrines and exquisite gardens. Sightseers who explore this captivating marvel during summers can definitely enjoy a couple of hours leafing through.

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