Monday, 2 September 2013

Phuket, Pearl of the Andaman

Undeniably, Phuket is one of the most sought after and popular islands of Thailand in addition being incredibly gorgeous and dazzling. Apparently infinite expanses of silvery sand beaches, eye-catching and irresistible sunset panoramas, enigmatic limestone karsts appearing from crystalline azure water and anything holidaymakers could visualize with regard to an elegant and lavish tropical island, Phuket has it all!

The charismatic hotspot is alive with myriads of beguiling and riveting touristic highlights which make sightseers knock for six and truly in awe. From this perspective, let’s have a view of some topmost, celebrated and famous marvels in Phuket…

Phuket Fantasea
For holidaymakers who take pleasure in shows, their trip to this island would definitely not perfectly and well accomplish without reveling in fabulous Phuket Fantasea show.Thisenrapturing and fascinating charm is situated at Kamala, rewarding trippers an impressive show that comprises hypnotic visual effects, wild creatures and stunning acrobats.

Simon Cabaret Show
An imposing and fantastic allure that is just seamless for all members of the family is enticing Simon Cabaret Show positioned right in Patong’s outskirts. Patong has earned great repute and eminence for being one of the island’s most acclaimed coasts. The bewitching and spectacular show presented by graceful Thai lady boys would certainly beicing on the cake or, in simple words, one of the best parts of your vacation.

The nation of Thailand is indeed Buddhist to its core and for the same, excursionists can find a lot of magnificent and splendid temples dotted all across Thailand. Wat Chalong is Phuket’s biggest as well as most legendary temple situated at its Southern part.

Big Buddha Statue
It is among the island’s newest magnetisms positioned atop an enormous hill overlooking Andaman Sea together with Phuket. This glorious and marvelous statue has a height of more than 45m and astonishingly, it took approximately one million dollars for constructing it. 

Phromthep Cape
The magical island is widely famed as far as spellbinding and awe-inspiring sunsets are concerned. Moreover, Phromthep Cape serves as one of the most excellent spots to bask in this, so if you happen to be in Phuket, do not miss this astounding wonder if you wish to treasure an unforgettable and cherished experience of a lifetime.

Bangla Road
Beyond doubt, Phuket’s nightlife is quite renowned and distinguished across the globe and it would not at all be wrong to count it amongst the most enthralling and miraculous aspects that draw millions of tourists from every nook and corner of the planet. To your surprise, a large number of vacationers make their way to this intriguing island just to roll about in sizzling and scintillating nightlife, which is so pulsating and peppy that words fall short on describing it. Even more amazingly, those who have lived the aura and temptation of night in Phuket once visit this exquisite terrain again to get pleasure from the boisterous nightlife. Unarguably, Bangla Road is one of a kind spot to enjoy and feel nightlife at its finest, so whether you are a night-birdie or not, do not miss this breathtaking lure.

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